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 Precision design and high technology for the CLIMA device recovery and charging station with function control and management software.

CLIMA-9000 is the first A/C charging station to be completely autonomous in the management of recharging, enabling the operator to concentrate on something else! Every maintenance, cleaning and top-up operation on the cooling system is done autonomously by CLIMA-9000, by means of its powerful control software, without any help from the operator, who can therefore concentrate on something else, saving time and increasing efficiency with a significant costs saving.

The ideal tool for those who want a top tool, increasing working efficiency and therefore revenue.


The heart of the CLIMA-9000 is its LCD display, the sole interface with the user.

Simple and intuitive, the display will show a complete menu, which is activated via short, fast touchscreen operations.

The monitor’s high luminosity also makes it easy to read the parameters of the car being analysed in any light conditions.


CLIMA-9000 has in its memory the most complete database on the market, AUTODATA, with its unlimited lifetime, enabling the user to directly use the recharge parameters specific to the vehicle being worked on. The graphic display also displays the principle diagrams of the cooling system of the vehicle being worked on.
Updatable database.


1  CUSTOM CYCLE function.  CLIMA-9000 can memorise up to 100 different personalised settings.

2  CLIMA-9000 can also be constantly updated very simply, quickly and free of charge, maintaining the device’s maximum operating efficiency.

3  The incorporated printer means you can print out a documental record of the success of the maintenance operations. The printed report can be personalised with your own details.

4  With its wheels system, specifically designed to make the machine rotatable on its axis, CLIMA-9000 is easy to move and place even in limited space conditions.

5  10m3/h vacuumpump, one of the most powerful on the market. This optimises speed of recovery from the vehicle’s system, further increasing operating efficiency.

6  26-litre bottle. Good for 100 recharges, reducing maintenance on the tool to a minimum.

7  EASY SERVICE design. The ergonomic study of the positioning of every replaceable element (ordinary and special maintenance) provides easy access to and quick replacement of every component.

The recharge pipes have also been equipped with quick external connections to avoid having to open the device when replacing them.


MULTIPASS enables further closed-circuit filtering of the recovered cooling liquid.


FLUXING with incorporated electrovalve

OIL CARE protection system that prevents damp getting into the oil container, preserving the purity of the PAG oil until it has been completely used.

Electronic INCONDENSABLES VENTILATION VALVE accessible from the outside, drains any air present, speeding up the recovery phase and guaranteeing higher purity of the refrigerant in the bottle.

HYBRID FUNCTION this reset function optimises replacement of the PAG oil remaining in the car, so that changeovers from maintenance of a car with a traditional engine system to one with a hybrid engine system can be correctly managed.


A value of a product also depends on its conformity to the strictest safety and quality regulations.

CLIMA-9000 meets all the requirements of the European Directive on Electrical and Mechanical Safety, with particular reference to pressurised recipients (PED).



4.3” graphic display, 480x272 (widescreen), 65536 colours

Touch screen keypad

Printer   24-column thermal printer

Software update via RS232

GAS CONTAINER R134a                                                          

Bottle capacity  26 lt.

Bottle capacity according to PED directive19.6 lt

PED-certified maximum operating pressure cat. IV  20 bar

Warming sleeve

OIL CONTAINERS                                                                       

Spent oil container capacity  250 ml

Top-up PAG oil container capacity   250 ml

UV tracer container capacity   250 ml

OIL CARE valve (top-up PAG oil container)

Oil/UV scales resolution 1 gr precision 5 gr with mechanical overload protection


Vacuum pump capacity  10 m3/h

Vacuum level   0.05 mbar

Refrigerant gas recovery compressor ccs 14CC

Safety pressure switch

Dehydrator filter capacity  (Kg of refrigerant recovered )  45 kg

Automatic incondensables drain valve

Electronic, automatic HP and LP taps

Length of external HP and LP pipes 4.5 mt                     

Wall pass-through connections for HP and LP pipes

Electronic, Digital, automatic HP and LP taps

Digital bottle pressure gauge

Number of electrovalves  11

dimensions: 641 x 763 x 1200 mm (LxDxH)

Weight: 100 kg

Power supply: 50 HZ - 220-240 V - 800 W